• Development Services

    Our Microsoft and Sage development partnerships provide us with the tools to create bespoke applications that are helping many businesses around the UK streamline their processes and deliver extra value to their customers.

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  • Data Management

    We provide real-time, low latency solutions delivered across the web, and have extensive experience working with various protocols including FIX, connecting to a number of different financial exchanges, vendors and clearing houses.

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Creating Business Systems

We build applications that help you manage your data.

Employing the latest web standards and technologies, KB provides customised solutions that allow you to deliver your business processes and knowledge in the most effective way possible. 

Our applications are used across the world in a variety of organisations ranging from international banks and financial exchanges, to high street IFAs and warehousing operations.

Many of them are designed to help businesses comply with increasingly strict legislative / compliance requirements, especially in the financial industry (exchange regulation, pensions advice etc).

Our clients require secure, scalable and efficient solutions that they and their customers can rely on. We work hard to design processes that work exactly the way our clients need them to, and as their needs change and evolve over time, so does our software.


Client required a specific XML based data feed to be produced from the trading API of an exchange to enable its mobile application to be able to integrate the data without additional development resource. By delivering the specific XML data feed the overall project time was reduced significantly for the client thus reducing costs and increasing the time to market benefits.–Specific Feed Delivery Format for mobile application of real time data

Client (an Exchange) required its data to be managed and distributed to the quote vendor market (e.g. Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg etc) as efficiently and quickly as possible. Utilising the TDI application tools and internal development resource KBTech delivered a FIX based quote vendor feed on a fixed price basis. This project involved liaison with the quote vendor market on behalf of the client to verify the most suitable delivery format; this resulted in both a FIX and XML based options.–FIX implementation for Quote Vendor feed delivery